Mentoring: Your Guide

Want stress relief and clarity?

What can happen in an hour?

Anne has helped hundreds of people, just like you, feel peaceful fast. Whatever the stressor, there is a path to move forward and release yourself from stress and worry.

Anne is calm, kind and her 15 years of experience of deep Yoga Therapeutics as well as her wisdom of Chinese Medicine nurtures and uplifts.  Your struggle is an opportunity to get ancient, proven answers to feeling peace in any situation, now.

1.      Get to the root of the issue fast.

2.      Feel in control.

3.      Be supported, encouraged, empowered.

Anne does more than acupuncture and yoga. She listens to your heart and helps you develop emotionally/spiritually. She gives you the tools to walk out into the world and take life by the horns. I'm always excited to see her. I was suffering from severe depression before my sessions with Anne. Now, I'm feeling amazing about my potential life opportunities. LIFE ALTERING EXPERIENCE!!!!

Trelana D., Madison, WI

Anne is amazing. Anne has given me the tools to calm my anxiety, focus on my intentions, and heal my body. She has been a constant supporter and teacher. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her, and I expect the benefits of her treatment and teaching to unfold more and more with time.

Jillian C., San Francisco, CA

How does Mentoring Work?

  1. Set up an Appointment for Mentorship Here
  2. Receive an email with a fabulous intake for you to communicate your issue, goals, needs and dreams
  3. Anne calls you, you feel heard, you get clarity, you let go of stress now, instead of days or weeks, quickly, you feel empowered to go in the direction of your dreams…

Mentoring One-to-One Via Phone, Skype or In-Person

1 Session $108

3 Session $308

5 Sessions $508

1 Year (1 per month) $808

Ask Anne:

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