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Anne Adametz inspires...

Anne’s Keynote addresses are at once funny, charming, heart-warming and life-changing. Her clients are real people wanting to feel whole, healthy and powerful. Anne’s secret is not self-help, it is self-acceptance, self-awareness, and confidence. Anne’s goal is to make peaceful solutions to life’s problems so simple, you can integrate and share teachings with friends and loved ones now.

Life Purpose Simplified

Identify the heart of all of our goals. Want more money? Why? So we can be less stressed? So we have more time with family? So we can relax? So we can feel more peace? Find out how to root out misaligned goals, and feel in control of our happiness within work, relationships and the world around us.

Preventative Care for Stress Relief

75% of all healthcare costs come from stress and preventable diseases. Join Wisconsin-native, Acupuncturist, Yoga Therapist Anne Adametz for an interactive hour of surprisingly easy and enjoyable ways to enjoy preventative care, to  let go of stress and feel empowered. Anne shares humorous stories of life events and her own personal practices to make sense of stress, release what we cannot control, and take charge of our selves and our contributions to the world. Enjoy aromatherapy, interactive gentle movement and bring your questions.

Peace in Chaos

How do we find sure-footing in shifting sand? What can keep us feeling constantly supported and supportive?  Today we have complex lives with moving parts, and in an ever-changing world, it is more important to feel peaceful than ever. Learn the keys to being in control in changing times.

  1. Understanding that change is constant
  2. How to practice responding to change rather than reacting
  3. Practices for peace of mind, body and spirit

Self Acceptance, Self Confidence & Self Love

True love is unconditional, and many of us have limited experience with the total limitless love we could offer ourselves and others. Get ready for some wake up calls of self-acceptance, easier than you think to let all the judgement go and create a space for healing and love to shine forth.

Work/Life Peaceful Balance

The Chinese say if you’re ever truly in-balance, you’re probably dead. Flux is the nature of an ever-changing world, so how do we navigate the natural ups and downs of home and work life with grace? Enjoy stories of imbalance brought back to balance with these life-changing practices to bring self-awareness, self-control, and a whole lot of peace to you and the people around you.

The Purpose of Emotions: Anxiety & Depression & How to Relieve the Symptoms

Overwhelmed?  Anxious? Depressed? These are symptoms that every single person encounters, and yet we tend to simply try to shut the alarm off without knowing the purpose of the symptom.  Prolonged Anxiety and depression can occur when we do not learn to address the symptom as an alarm to our thinking patterns. This is precious time to learn why we experience anxiety, and how to appropriately deal with our emotions, and not just shut them off.

United Women: Co-Create The Future

Unity is the very definition of wholeness, to bring together our body/mind/spirit
is to ground ourselves in who we are. As women, we tend toward sensitivity, which
is one of our greatest strengths, especially when we realize the potential and minimize
the liability of taking on more than we need. In this discussion, we ask, how can we fortify, unify each other as women and co-create instead of compete. How can we listen to our natural sensitivities and use them to compliment one another to become supportive, united and unified tribe?  Truly transformational, focusing on techniques for self-confidence, self-awareness, and the acceptance and support of others.

Authenticity & Leadership

Ever wonder how people like Oprah and Brene Brown are so endearing? Many of our favorite
leaders who inspire by example show an ability to be authentic in their world-view, self and they are able
to communicate with a level of vulnerability.  Underneath our strong leadership styles is a deep need to connect. Explore and nurture that deep authenticity and practice techniques to connect with self, hone voice, and set up realistic boundaries to inspire in an authentic, respectful way.

The Purpose of Emotions: Five Element Theory of Balancing Emotional Intelligence

What is the purpose of anger? Grief? Worry?  How can our health impact our emotions?  Learn this accessible and fundamental knowledge of how emotions can serve us, how to effectively respond to emotions, and the anatomy of balanced emotions vs. pathology of imbalanced emotions. This is precious time to learn why we experience emotions, and how to appropriately deal in a way that is at once, satisfying and powerful.

"I just wanted to leave a note. Your class was so inspiring and motivating! I walked away truly wanting to be a happier more positive person, and to be at peace. 🙂 Thank you"

Christine C.

Once again, I just cannot explain how wonderfully convenient and truly valuable your sessions are to me, because they address who I am as a whole person – breath, movement, spirituality, diet, exercise, well being, meditation, mantras, etc. I feel like I’ve finally found a one stop shop instead of having to “order parts.”You provide a WEALTH of knowledge that is all applicable to me.

Katie S., Madison, Wisconsin

I can't tell you what an amazing class it was last night. I could feel everyone in the room accepting themselves more. What an amazing gift you gave everyone. Truly, life changing.

Amy C., Madison, Wi

Anne is amazing. Anne has given me the tools to calm my anxiety, focus on my intentions, and heal my body. She has been a constant supporter and teacher. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her, and I expect the benefits of her treatment and teaching to unfold more and more with time.

Jillian C., San Francisco, CA

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