Yoga Mastermind Courses

This is more than yoga, it's a weekly retreat.

Therapeutic Yoga Classes Every Wednesday Night, 6:30pm @ The Lageret (Warehouse) 515 E Main Street Stoughton

6 Weeks or Drop In Anytime

This 6 Weeks: The Psychology of Yoga: Understanding Mental Health

Drop in, or Join a 6 Week Series:
New Series: 5/24 – 6/28

Let’s explore the yoga practices for mental health.

Wednesdays 6:30-8pm

WHAT TO BRING: mat, cushions/pillows to sit on (we have chairs also), layers, blanket or shawl, warm socks

Feel free to drop in.
Take time to renew your faith, purpose and body with this therapeutic class.
Discussion: Get deep into the theory of yoga, with this 8 limbs study, this is a wonderful way to deepen your personal awareness.
Physical practice is accessible, interesting, therapeutic and feeling great.

@ The Lageret
515 E Main St Stoughton, WI

Class 1:  Anatomy of the Mind

Class 2:  Emotion/spirit/Body patterns

Class 3:  Emotional Balancing: Anxiety, Depression

Class 4:  Emotional Balancing: /Fear, Grief

Class 5:  Relationship health

Class 6:  Practicing Mental/Physical Health

Can't make class? Take the class online now.

Anne is by far my favorite yoga instructor of all time. She always tailors her classes to her students and their needs. She varies the asanas she chooses, so her classes are never dull or repetitive. She's everything a yoga teacher should be.

Cecily M., Chicago, IL

I can't tell you what an amazing class it was last night. I could feel everyone in the room accepting themselves more. What an amazing gift you gave everyone. Truly, life changing.

Amy C., Madison, Wi

AMAZING CLASS! I cant wait to go back! I'm so excited to start this new journey in my life!

Alexandria L., Stoughton, WI

6 Weeks or Drop In Anytime

Yogi on the Road:

As a traveling Yogi, Anne has been invited by Perennial Yoga in their beautiful studio and center in Fitchburg. Anne will provide a time of reflection, acupuncture, some classes and mentorship sessions.

Anne is teaching @ Perennial
Wednesdays & Fridays 8:30AM-9:45
To join, contact Perennial


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